SO AWESOME. Pure Fruit is the first documentary of its kind following Mango and Kveta who live a fruitarian lifestyle. It’s beautifully made. Mango & Kveta’s blogs (; are what inspired and pushed me the extra umph (aside from Durianrider, Robert Morse,, etc.) to really want to live a fruitarian lifestyle.

I imagine how extreme that sounds to anyone who’s never heard of ‘fruitarianism,’ raw veganism, or just couldn’t imagine living this way themselves. The first time I heard of “raw food” (not including animal “foods”) was when my mom told me that a nurse who came at night for me was eating raw to lose weight. I thought of raw broccoli and carrots, and spent only seconds giving it any thought. It’s crazy (my lazy, go-to word to sum up everything) how much that information and knowledge has bloomed. Somewhere down the line, the term dropped it’s name again, and I stumbled across some information on it on youtube. All I can say is that it’s one of the best, if not the best, decisions I’ve ever made. A huge part of my “conversion” was the aspect of healing. Now, I love eating raw so much that the entire jump on healing has become a bonus. It’s a great way to demonstrate love for animals, the planet, others, and yourself, all the while cleansing your bod and even making a huge political statement. I could go on for a while, if I held that typing-capacity, but hopefully I’ll have an ebook out soon unfolding my entire perspective.

If you want more info, worthy places to start would be looking into durianrider, easytoberaw, & liferegenerator (especially!) on youtube (plethora of info there) and for now. Allllllll life changing stuff so ENJOY.

And happy Valentines day <3

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